Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama given the all-clear to raise the debt ceiling

IMPORTANT: We are very sorry the video was incomplete. This is an updated version of the Norris Group Real Estate Roundup video from last Friday, January 27, 2012.

In this video, Aaron Norris of The Norris Group gives the news of the week in the world of real estate and other big events. Aaron discusses the real estate market, including the numbers for decreased foreclosures, loan modifications, and pending home sales, the growth of the U.S. economy, decreased home prices, Lisa Madigan's lawsuit of S&P, Obama's all-clear to raise the debt ceiling, the new Neighborhood Lift program, and much more. He also discusses upcoming events including the the radio show with Robert Kleinhenz, our upcoming REO Bootcamp, and the Advanced Investing Skills and Strategies for Quadrant 2.5. For full stories, go to
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