Friday, February 14, 2014

Justice Department Faces Lawsuit Over their Recent Settlement with JPMorgan Chase

This week's video is a slideshow of the news of the week in the world of real estate and other big events. Discussed are the real estate market, including the numbers for mortgage rates, credit, and applications, new homes, foreclosures, the lawsuit against the Justice Department regarding their recent settlement with JPMorgan, Fannie Mae's new incentives for people to purchase homes, consumer confidence, and more.  Upcoming events include the radio show with Rick Sharga, Bruce Norris's Secrets to Becoming Wealthy in the Buy/Sell Business, the California Real Estate Update with Inland Empire Escrow and Chino Valley Real Estate, the Norris Group property buying bootcamp, and the Norris Group's hard money loan and trust deed programs. To check out the full stories, go to

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